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Our Vibe

Through the years, as family, we have focused on living in a healthy way and have made changes in our routines, including relocations, to live a life in the heart of nature. We believe in sustainability and conscious consumption. At COCO SALVAJE, we are characterized by creating products that contribute to our values. We bet for new opportunities in territories affected by violence, supporting rural areas, and helping women.

What do we offer?

Our Coastal Paradise

As an environmentally responsible brand and as truly conscious individuals, we want you to experience COCO SALVAJE.

Our Lab

Our Pig

Our Treehouse



First Wave Vibes

Vision and a deep desires to grow and help people are the essence surrounding the birth of a business idea that was developed over time on paper and through various journeys.


Seabreeze Start

Jose, our founder, a Colombian actor tired of routine, the stressful day by day that a big city like Bogotá carries, and also the ambitious dream of being an actor in such a competitive environment, he embarked on a search for a different way of life. Longing to reconnect with his roots, become independent, and help the community, he came up with an idea to create products with a very natural value proposition and dedicated himself to design an ambitious business plan.


Tide Thrust

COCO SALVAJE became a reality when Anastasia, an adventurous Russian soul, entered Jose's life, encouraging his passion and strengthening his determination to pursue this idea. Jose found in her the love and support necessary to take the leap and bring this plan to live.


Coastal Course

Driven by their thirst for growth, they embarked on a journey with the production of coconut oil, a product uncommon in Colombia, and then evolved into clean and all natural skin care products that they as consumers needed the most. Not only did they see the opportunity to create products with so many benefits, but also they took the chance to empower women in their community by generating meaningful job opportunities in a rural area with a long history of violence in Colombia.


Ocean Bonding

In their quest to reconnect with their origins and align with their chosen lifestyle, they moved from the beautiful city of Cartagena to a small village to live in a wooden house embraced by nature. Inspired by the symphony of the waves and stunning sunsets, they kept expanding their portfolio and getting new clients until one day not a single extra box could fit into this little wooden house.


Surf Victory

At this point, they had the opportunity to buy a beautiful land, with two private beaches and ancient trees with sloths perfect for COCO SALVAJE headquarters. And so the construction began. From the very beginning, they always dreamed of a lab that complied with all the sanitary requirements and reflected their values of sustainability. The results exceeded all expectations and even surprised federal authorities that came to certify the lab. Wanna know what surprised them so much? Read here


Wave Outwards

In their pursuit to expand their business and allow more people to benefit from their amazing products they launched in the USA and Amazon. Always looking for new challenges, always expanding and bringing the best from Colombian tropics to people's homes.