Our Mission

Our mission is to pamper your skin while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Our promise

We exclusively use raw and unrefined carrier oils, steam-distilled and cold-pressed essential oils, as well as potent plant extracts. We select our ingredients and packaging thoughtfully to minimize our environmental impact.

COCO SALVAJE is a family-owned business located in a rural area of Colombia, where we create our natural skincare products in our Federally Certified Lab by the Caribbean Sea. When you choose our brand, you enable us to support our family and empower dedicated single mothers by providing them with meaningful employment opportunities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Great product, use daily!!!

Big fan of this product, highly recommended, I use it on my face and back of neck

E. Call
AMAZING smooth skin... definitely worth trying

I never used to use face products. I also never used to get girls, probably because my face felt so rough like an alligator or asphalt. A friend suggested that I try q10 serum for a week... so I did.

my face is not quite as smooth as a babies butt but it is wayyyy better. smoother face and the ladies seem to love it.

Absorbs great, smells divine!

My wife’s face was smelling soooo good for weeks, like nothing I’d smelled before. Natural and earthy and a little sweet. I asked why, and she said it was this new face serum. I figured I’d try it out, too. Now we are both addicted to it!

This face serum smells yummy and divine. Absorbs well into skin, and is excellent alone or when used before your normal moisturizer. Gives you a good glow. Works great with a jade roller or gua sha.

My wife has normal to dry skin and I have normal to oily skin and we both *love* this product. We are on our second bottle of it!

Maybe not for oily skin

For dry areas, this is great. For mixed areas, results were mixed (lol). It does feel great, regardless, and adds some soft feeling.

Rose U.
it's okay

i was surprised by the consistency of this product. because it is labeled as a serum, i was expecting more of either a gooey consistency or maybe just like a liquid... but it is more like a very lightweight oil. it is nice, i was just not expecting it. i feel like it seems a little expensive for this item ($45), but if it is something you love and is effective, i have definitely seen facial products for much more money. i do like this product, there is not much of a noticeable smell and it absorbs into my skin quickly.